About Us

Our Mission

We at the Valais Property Management GmbH understand the difficulty in maintaining your holiday home yourself while trying to unwind when on holidays. We also know how finding and overseeing service personnel to maintain your holiday property for you can prove daunting – especially if you live abroad. We offer you nothing less than Peace of Mind – so get up, get out and enjoy your stay in Saas Fee and allow us to take care of all aspects of your holiday home!

Our Approach

Valais Property Management GmbH offers three levels of subscription-only Property Concierge Services. Depending on your needs you can choose the level that suits you best. We also offer a variety of additional services you might be interested in. Haven’t found what you are looking for? Please ask us and we’ll find a solution

Our Team

Verena ROE, Founder. Verena grew up in Connemara, Ireland and has a Masters Degree in Irish Studies. She worked in the construction and hospitality industry and is the driving force behind the Valais Property Management GmbH

Frank M. BÜRGIN, Co-Founder. Frank grew up in Switzerland and has a Masters degree in Economics. He has worked in the watch industry and as an auditor and business consultant

Karen KELLY, Facility Manager. Karen grew up in Galway, Ireland and has a Bachelor's Degree in Information System Management. She has worked in facility management as well as in IT