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Art. 1               Services

Valais Property Management GmbH accepts real estate concierge service orders from customers and thus fulfills a work contract. In this function, it carries out cleaning, maintenance and other works and guarantees the agreed services. Resource planning, assignment of tasks, etc. is carried out by Valais Property Management GmbH, which is the only party authorized to issue instructions.

Art. 2              Start, duration, termination

The contractual relationship begins with the signing of the contract by both parties. It is undertaken for a defined period of 12 months . It can be terminated after 3 months with a 4 weeks’ written notice.

Art. 3              Initial initiation, specification sheet

Before the contract is signed the property in question is first inspected and the order volume is specified in a specification sheet. This also includes any existing damage to the property or furniture discovered during the initial admission. The specification sheet created in this way is used to determine the definitive subscription price.

Art. 4              Price, conditions and due dates

The specified subscription prices relate to the range of services in accordance with the scope of the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD packages. Additional services are chargeable, in particular repairs and maintenance work undertaken by third parties and initiated by the customer. The final subscription prices determined in accordance with Art. 3 are to be paid monthly within 10 days. In the event of a second reminder, Valais Property Management GmbH reserves the right to charge CHF 20 for the additional expenses incurred. All expenses incurred in connection with an enforcement operation will be billed in full to the customer.

Art. 5              Due diligence

Valais Property Management GmbH carries out the work assigned to it carefully and with the best possible protection of the interests of the customers and guarantees the agreed results.

Art. 6              Key handover, alarm systems

The customer gives Valais Property Management GmbH 2 keys to their property and both parties sign the key handover protocol. One key is given to the employee entrusted with the execution of the agreed work, the other is retained by Valais Property Management GmbH for representation and emergencies. With the receipt of the keys Valais Property Management GmbH undertakes to properly handle access to the customer’s premises. The keys are carefully stored for this purpose and are not passed on to third parties without written instructions from the customer. The keys must be returned to the customer immediately upon request. At the same time as the keys are handed over, the functionality of any existing alarm system must be explained and the corresponding code communicated to Valais Property Management GmbH. This code will be handled in the same discreet manner as the keys themselves.

Art. 7              Cleaning materials

The customer provides Valais Property Management GmbH with all utensils such as cleaning materials, cleaning agents, vacuum cleaners, snow shovels, brooms, lawn mowers, etc. free of charge. The customer is responsible for the availability of the required work items. Valais Property Management GmbH can provide appropriate utensils as an additional service upon request and against a charge. Used cleaning cloths are washed by Valais Property Management GmbH and reused in the relevant property.

Art. 8              Staff

Valais Property Management GmbH confirms that all personnel deployed meet the legal requirements and professional qualifications in every respect.

Art. 9              Confidentiality

Valais Property Management GmbH and its employees undertake not to pass on any information to third parties that they learn in the context of this contractual relationship. This applies to all kinds of documents, housing, income and ownership. This confidentiality obligation continues even after the contractual relationship has been terminated.

Art. 10            Substitution

Valais Property Management GmbH may transfer all rights and obligations from this contractual relationship to a third party. The transfer of rights and obligations takes place by means of a special written declaration to the customer.

Art. 11            Liability

Valais Property Management GmbH has a public liability insurance policy that is liable for consequential damage (personal injury and damage to property up to CHF 5 million) caused by employees of Valais Property Management GmbH performing contractual work. For other damage as well as for damage of any kind for which the insurance company declines liability, the liability of Valais Property Management GmbH is limited to CHF 1,000. Valais Property Management GmbH undertakes to immediately report any damage it detects to the customer. The customer undertakes to report damage within 30 days of occurrence. No liability is accepted for damage reported subsequently.

Art. 12            Severability clause

Should a provision of the present contract become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions will not be affected. The parties undertake to make an effective regulation that corresponds as closely as possible to this provision.

Art. 13            Adjustments

We expressly reserve the right to adapt the contractual relationships to changes in legal requirements as well as price and VAT adjustments, etc.

Art. 14            Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Brig, Canton of Wallis, Switzerland