We take the hassle out of owning a holiday home far away from home! Because you deserve Peace of Mind

We offer expert (subscription-only) home management services for your holiday home in Saas Fee, providing unmatched pro-active inspections, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, remodeling, renovations, key services and more - what you need and when you need it!


We will take care of your holiday home by making sure there are no issues via routine inspections and state-of-the-art maintenance.

Whatever we do in and around your home – you can feel confident that our full-service property management will take great care of your residence in a professional, reliable, and trustworthy manner!

Contact Information

Find us here:

Im Brand 10
CH-3906 Saas Fee, Switzerland

Email:  info@vpm.gmbh

Phone: +41 (0)77 427 82 85

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